Gloucestershire Golf Union

The Gloucestershire County Stats System is available to any member of a County Coaching Squad, or regular Team player. We first started using it in 2008, and it's use has grown over the last few years to the point where we have well over 4,000 rounds in our database.

Through the discipline of our players, we have been able to analyse County Golf to the point where we can provide general advice on what to practice that is based on FACT - this should provide valuable information to anybody who is hoping to become a County 1st Team golfer.

More importantly, we have been able to provide information to individual players about:-
  • Where various aspects of their game stand in relation to other members of the County Coaching Squads
  • Whether various aspects of their game are improving over time

What information do we record?

For each hole played in a competitive stroke play round the player records the following:-
  • Did they hit the fairway from the tee? If not, then which side did they miss?
  • Did their tee shot leave them an opportunity to hit the green in regulation?
  • Did they hit the green in regulation?
  • Did they have an opportunity for a greenside sand save? If so, did they make it?
  • How many putts did they have?

Simple, and deliberately so - we want to make it as easy as possible to record the information whilst capturing enough to be able to provide valuable feedback - and we think we've got it just about right for County golfers.

The stats can be recorded and submitted in one of two ways:-
  • On paper - just download and print a copy of the stats form (link below), and post it to the County Coaching Chairman
  • Electronically - just download the data entry form, and email it to either the County Coaching Chairman, or preferably, your County Coach or Coaching Manager - you'll need to have MS Excel installed on your computer to use this

Download County Stats Submission Form

And What Do You Get Back?

Quite a lot in fact - over any time period and over any combination of courses and/or players, we provide:-
  • Analysis of performance in Driving Accuracy, Approach Play, Scrambling, Putting......
  • Scoring ability in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds (sometimes surprising differences here)
  • Scoring ability over ranges of holes within the rounds e.g. first 6 holes in the round, the middle 6 and the last 6
  • Scoring ability on the 'scoring holes' - short par 3's, short par 4's & par 5's
  • Strengths and weaknesses wth others playing at the same level

And we're always improving the depth and quality of information that we provide as time goes by.

Who's taking part?

Three of the very best players in the County for a start! Nick Day, Mitch Waite and Joe Long.

Use of the County Stats System is compulsory for members of the Men's and National coaching squads - why is this? Because we believe that significant investment in a players improvement programme needs to be under-pinned by fact based information about their game.

If you are looking for ways to make a difference to your game and aren't yet using a stats system then maybe now is the time to try!

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