Gloucestershire Golf Union

Player Development



Playing golf at the highest level requires a lot more than great technical ability. Our Coaching Programme aims firstly to highlight that fact, and then provide players with access to coaches that can help them develop their skills in all of the areas required to improve their game.

Our Coaching Principals

  • To develop players for the long term.
  • To base decisions on fact over perception.
  • To challenge players to climb the golfing ladder.
  • To help players to help themselves. 
  • To provide open, honest and supportive feedback

Our Key Coacing Topics


  • What are we aiming for, and how will we get there 
  • Team and individual goal setting 
  • Align action plans with desired outcomes


  • Help players understand the pathway to the top
  • Cultivate relationships with players own support team as well as other players higher up the ladder


  • Gather data using standardised Trackman tests.
  • Importance of wedge play
  • Educate, test and feedback. Physical
  • Individual programmes with Dr.Golf
  • Nutritional education


  • Encourage creativity, struggle and grit in sessions
  • Importance of routines and the Mental Scorecard

How do I get involved?

To get yourself noticed, all you need to do is compete in as many of our ranking events as you possibly can. Play in those events and we can guarantee that you’ll appear on our radar. And as long as you’re able to make the commitment required then there’s every chance you’ll be selected. In our youngest age groups, the amount you’re prepared to play in competitions away from your home club is the single thing we’re most interested in. If you’re prepared to compete, then we can help you do that at an even higher level.

We record the scores of all Gloucestershire Golf Union-qualified players at these events, and use that information to support our selections. We publish the data we are using to support our selections on the  County Stroke Average pages.

Contact Us

Tel: 07936 416775
Address: 38 Levery Close, Abingdon, Oxford, OX14 3XX

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