Gloucestershire Golf Union

the gloucestershire Golf UNION (GGU) county card

As a benefit of being a member of an affiliated golf club in the county, we have offer a County Card to enable members to play at other golf clubs in the region, and nationally. 

The County Card gives members of a golf club affiliated to either the GGU or the Gloucestershire Ladies County Golf Association (GLCGA) the opportunity to visit and play at over 1,000 courses across England and Wales at a reduced green fee rate.

How do you qualify for a County Card?

The County Card is issued to playing members (including Junior boys and girls) of a golf club affiliated to the GGU or the GLCGA. 

How to apply for a County Card

Please contact the club you are a member of to apply for your County Card. 

How much is a County Card?

The County Card is a free benefit for being an affiliated club member. 

Etiquette and rules for using a County Card

  • Prior to visiting a participating golf club the cardholder must first contact the golf club’s secretary or professional to establish when it is convenient to play on a particular day and to establish the agreed concessionary green fee rate. Cardholders are requested to note that they may be refused a concessionary green fee rate and/or tee time if they simply turn up without prior notification.
  • The availability of tee times may vary and proof of current golf club membership will be required.  
  • The GGU County Card may not be used if the cardholder is visiting the club as a member of a golf society or team.
  • Members are politely requested to observe the rules of the golf club being visited paying particular attention to the dress code both on and off the golf course. 
  • County Cards are only valid if a Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) number is included. NB: A CDH No. can only be issued to a golf club member with a CONGU® Handicap.



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