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As a benefit of being a member of an affiliated golf club in the county, we offer a County Card to enable members to play at other golf clubs in the region, and nationally.

The County Card went digital in 2021 with the new County App! The app includes a digital county card which replaced the physical County Card. The card gives members of a golf club affiliated to either the GGU or the Gloucestershire Ladies County Golf Association (GLCGA) the opportunity to visit and play at over 1,000 courses across England and Wales at a reduced green fee rate.

The County App also offers additional benefits for members. You will be able to view information and updates from the GGU and GLCGA including competition information and how to enter, competition results and county news. The App will also calculate a Course Handicap when you are visiting a different golf course and contains information on all the affiliated clubs in the county.

How do you qualify for a County Card?

The County Card is for any playing members (including Junior boys and girls) of a golf club affiliated to the GGU or the GLCGA.

How to download the County App

You can download the County App free of charge from your phone or tablet. There are two ways to download the app:

1. Open your phone’s camera and point the device at the QR code, your phone will recognise the QR code and show a notification. Tap to open the link and download the app.

2. Alternatively, open the App Store or Google Play on your phone, and search 'igCounty’ to download the app.

A list of all county unions will appear on the screen. Select ‘Gloucestershire Golf Union’. A tick will appear in the box to the right of your selection, then press ‘Save’.

Please note: if you do not have a smartphone or tablet to download the app please speak to your home club who will have a small supply of an eco friendly card.

How to set up your County Card in the County App

You can set up your county card by tapping on the ‘County Card’ button located bottom right on the home page. Tap on the ‘Continue’ button on the first page that appears. A registration page will appear. You will need to complete the fields with your CDH number, surname and email address.Your CDH number is your ‘Central Database of Handicaps’ number, you can get this from your home club.

Please enable push notifications as this will allow us to send you information and news from around the county. Your county card will now appear every time you tap on the ‘County Card’ button. As the app is linked to a national database, each time you tap to use your card it will check your details are correct and add in that’s days date. This is what you will need to show the club you are visiting to get your county card discount. If you are a member of more than one club it will display the information for your home club.

How much is a County Card?

The County Card is a free benefit for being an affiliated club member.

Etiquette and rules for using a County Card

Prior to visiting a participating golf club the cardholder must first contact the golf club’s secretary or professional to establish when it is convenient to play on a particular day and to establish the agreed concessionary green fee rate. Cardholders are requested to note that they may be refused a concessionary green fee rate and/or tee time if they simply turn up without prior notification.

The availability of tee times may vary and proof of current golf club membership will be required.

The GGU County Card may not be used if the cardholder is visiting the club as a member of a golf society or team. Members are politely requested to observe the rules of the golf club being visited paying particular attention to the dress code both on and off the golf course.

County Cards are only valid if a Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) number is included. NB: A CDH No. can only be issued to a golf club member with a WHS® Handicap Index.


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