Gloucestershire Golf Union

This table provides a ranking of players according to their scores versus 'course difficulty' in qualifying events , and includes players at both Men's and Junior levels.

The 'course difficulty' is calculated by adding two key components of the World Handicap System i.e. the Course Rating and the Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC).  Prior to 2021, we used the Competition Standard Scratch (CSS).

NRs and DQs are excluded from the average, but are taken into account for selection purposes.

By default, the table only takes account of rounds that have taken place in the 12 months prior to publication, and players will only be included if they have played at least three rounds in three separate qualifying events.

The Age Group filter will allow you to only see players who are qualified to play for a particular team, and if you're viewing this on a tablet, laptop or desktop you can also adjust the date range and number of qualifying events/rounds.

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