Gloucestershire Golf Union

The Jeff Hall Trophy is open to any Junior who is a member of a club that is affiliated to the County, and is the Order of Merit for golfers who are under 18 years of age at the start of the year.

We maintain three distinct tables based on age groups; an Under 18 table, an Under 16 table, and an Under 14 table.  A 13 year old player will appear in all three of these tables, whilst a 17 year old player would only appear in one of them.

All qualifying events are an important indicator to County selectors of a player's current ability and anybody who is interested in playing for the County should play in as many of these events as possible.

All of the tables are based on gross scores only.

Qualifying Events for 2021

Date Event Venue More Info
9th May County U16/15/14 Championship Filton Results
13th June Junior Open Filton Results (login required)
18th July County U18 Championship Ross-on-Wye Results
27th July Junior Open Thornbury Results
29th July Junior Open The Kendleshire Results
2nd August Junior Open The Players Club Results
3rd August Junior Open Cotswold Edge Results
6th August Junior Open Stinchcombe Hill Results
9th August Junior Open Lansdown Results
9th August Junior Open Bristol & Clifton Results
16th August Junior Open Henbury Results
20th August Junior Open Cirencester Cancelled
23rd August Junior Open Long Ashton Results
25th August Junior Open Lilley Brook Results
26th September Junior Open Ross-on-Wye Results
17th October Junior Open Brickhampton Court Results
24th October Junior Open Minchinhampton Results
27th October Junior Open Cotswold Hills Results


Scoring System
Any score returned in a qualifying event by a ‘home member’ of a GGU club who was under the age of 18 on 1st Jan 2020 will count towards the players overall score.

The overall score for each player will be calculated by aggregating their  best five scores in any of the qualifying events versus the 'course difficulty'. The 'course difficulty' is calculated by adding two key components of the World Handicap System i.e. the Course Rating and the Playing Conditions Calculation (watch this video to learn a bit more about this).

The more you play, the better the chance of improving your score.

The ranking within each age group will be calculated as follows:

Highest positions
Players who have returned five or more scores in qualifying events.

Within this group, the highest placed player will be the one who has the lowest aggregate score of their best five scores to 'course difficulty'
The lowest placed player within this group will be the one who has the highest aggregate score of their best four scores to 'course difficulty'

Next Highest positions
Players who have returned four scores in qualifying events
Within this group, players will be ordered in relation to their aggregate score to 'course difficulty' in the events played

Next Highest positions
Players who have returned three scores in qualifying events
…….and so on

Prizes are awarded at the end of the season to the leading players in each of the age related tables. A player may win more than one prize. In the event of a tie for one of these places, the higher prize is awarded to the player who scored the lowest score to 'course difficulty' in any single event. If still tied, then the prize is awarded to the player with the next lowest score to 'course difficulty' in any single event, and so on. If both players have identical records for the season then the prize is shared.
Any score recorded by a player who chose to play in a qualifying event rather than a Gloucestershire County match will not count towards the overall score for that player.

Note:  The published tables only include players for whom we have a confirmed age. Whilst we have confirmed ages for the vast majority of players in our database, new players are constantly coming through, and as such it sometimes takes us a little while to catch up. If you notice a missing player please contact us to enquire as to why that is. An updated series of tables will be always be published when we receive any information that would cause them to change.

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