Gloucestershire Golf Union

County Golf Partnership

The Gloucestershire Golf Partnership was formed in June 2006 and works closely with the England Golf Regional Support Manager, Mark Romasiuk, and the County Development Officer,  Debbie Casling.

The Partnership has a Steering Committee made up of representatives of the partner organisations, as follows:

GGU        Ian Watkins and Mark Powell (Joint Chairman) Dean Newbold (Treasurer)


GLCGA   Janice Saunders (Girls Junior Organiser)

PGA        TBA

OTHER   Tom Sparks (Golf Roots SW Regional Development Officer), Peter Langford (Filton College), Matthew Ellis (Hartpury College), Jamie McCormick (GCGP Administrator Assistant)

Benefits of a CGP:

Sharing best practice, knowledge, experience and resources.
Identifying the development needs of golf within the county – priorities and intentions.
Approaching the development of golf within an effective and structured framework.
Supporting the needs of volunteers, coaches, administrators, clubs and golfers within the county.
Providing direction and motivation to those working at county and club level.
Providing a means by which progress can be measured, demonstrating leadership and forward thinking.
Providing comprehensive information, structure and intentions to those outside of the union/association.
Accessing England Golf and external funding for golf development.
Linking into a national development plan.
Ongoing support from England Golf Regional and County Development Officer.

Funding Available:

Innovation Grant - £1000 per affiliated club to support Recruitment & Retention around Adults, Women and Girls, Juniors and Inclusion.
Sustainability Grant - £1500 per affiliated club (match funded) to support all projects around Club  and Course Sustainability.

E,D & I Grant - £1500 per affiliated club (match funded) to support all projects around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
Bidder Bursary – a 2-year bursary for junior girls and boys to help with membership costs
Bidder Grant - £250max available for junior girls and boys to help with equipment/coaching costs etc.

All information on the above is available on the Gloucestershire Partnership Website:

Or contact:

Debbie Casling –   07968 894812

Contact Us

Tel: 07936 416775
Address: 38 Levery Close, Abingdon, Oxford, OX14 3XX

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