Gloucestershire Golf Union

Boys County Championship (36 Holes)

Sunday 16th August 2020, White Tees, Henbury GC

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 69R2 CSS 68TotalPar
1st Milan Reed Long Ashton Golf Club (a1)6969138LEVEL
2nd Lewis Stalley Brickhampton Court Golf Club (a5)6971140+2
3rd Toby Janes Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (a2)7269141+3
4th Louis Ross Long Ashton Golf Club (a2)7568143+5
5th Kobe Wesson The Players Club (a4)7073143+5
6th Alistair Curnock Minchinhampton Golf Club (a4)7371144+6
7th David Miles Knowle Golf Club (a3)6876144+6
8th Ashley Millington The Players Club (a1)7571146+8
9th Jaxson Perry Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (a7)7274146+8
10th Joshua Millington The Players Club (a1)7672148+10
11th Jamie Berry Minchinhampton Golf Club (a5)7970149+11
12th Adam Sutton Broadway Golf Club (a8)7871149+11
13th Finn Ellis Bristol & Clifton Golf Club (a5)7377150+12
14th Harry Griffiths Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (a2)7874152+14
15th Edmund Fry Westonbirt Golf Club (a5)7578153+15
16th Dylan Duffy Minchinhampton Golf Club (a8)8371154+16
17th Oliver Crowley Henbury Golf Club (a7)8272154+16
18th Charlie Mckinnes Minchinhampton Golf Club (a5)7778155+17
19th Leo Powell Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (a8)7779156+18
20th Oli Jenkins The Players Club (a1)7978157+19
21st Lewis Ault Long Ashton Golf Club (a8)7780157+19
22nd Daniel Harding Filton Golf Club (a12)7781158+20
23rd Ethan Holway Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (a7)7782159+21
24th Stanley Ballard Sherdons Golf Centre (a12)7782159+21
25th Charlie Saxton Thornbury Golf Centre (a9)8278160+22
26th Joshua Bibby Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (a5)8179160+22
27th Harvey Taylor The Gloucester Golf Club (a13)7982161+23
28th Danny Townsend Minchinhampton Golf Club (a7)7982161+23
29th Reggie Phelps Filton Golf Club (a10)8676162+24
30th Will Gregory Tewkesbury Park (a15)8380163+25
31st Daniel Berry Minchinhampton Golf Club (a5)8083163+25
32nd Djibrael Ali Long Ashton Golf Club (a11)8777164+26
33rd Sonny Nangle Broadway Golf Club (a6)8282164+26
34th Ambrose Eaves Broadway Golf Club (a12)8382165+27
35th Nik Allen Bristol & Clifton Golf Club (a8)8581166+28
36th Ted Ballard Sherdons Golf Centre (a13)8978167+29
37th Samuel Edlin Cotswold Hills Golf Club (a12)8484168+30
38th Frankie Wallace Cotswold Hills Golf Club (a7)8881169+31
39th Felix Beckett Minchinhampton Golf Club (a13)8982171+33
40th Max Murphy Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (a11)8784171+33
41st Enzo Cryer Bristol & Clifton Golf Club (a10)8686172+34
42nd Harry Kennedy Bristol & Clifton Golf Club (a7)8488172+34
43rd Jamie Reid Cotswold Hills Golf Club (a17)8389172+34
44th Riley Wood Henbury Golf Club (a16)8985174+36
45th Oliver Leathem-Pugh Brickhampton Court Golf Club (a14)8886174+36
46th James Robinson Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club (a16)9485179+41
47th Charles Ford Filton Golf Club (a21)9188179+41
48th Jackson Wojahn-Parker Broadway Golf Club (a15)9089179+41
49th Edison Butler Lansdown Golf Club (a21)10089189+51
50th Kyle Exelby Brickhampton Court Golf Club (a26)9793190+52
51st Oliver Christopher Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) (a16)9397190+52
52nd James Sutherland Broadway Golf Club (a22)10192193+55
53rd Jack Taylor Henbury Golf Club (a28)10196197+59
54th Fred Dineen Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (a26)10297199+61
55th Roo Jones Minchinhampton Golf Club (a24)102100202+64
56th Sam Sroka Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (a15)8282+13
57th Charlie Jenkins Thornbury Golf Centre (a18)8484+15
58th Colt Bowkett The Gloucester Golf Club (a12)8585+16
59th Zak Armstrong Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (a21)8888+19
60th Kyle Wright Broadway Golf Club (a18)9393+24
61st Lewis Smith Cotswold Edge Golf Club (a18)9494+25
62nd James Prior Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) (a25)101101+32
63rd Ryan Wright Broadway Golf Club (a20)107107+38
64th Will Rawlins The Players Club (a10)WD  

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