Gloucestershire Golf Union

The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU)


SUMMARY OF CHANGES to be effective from 1 March 2016

  1. CSS calculation will now include category 4 men
  2. CONGU Club handicaps can be allocated to adults, rather than previously just juniors.  It is up to each club whether to permit this or not.
  3. Continuous Handicap Review - anyone who has seven consecutive 0.1 increases will be highlighted in a report recommending an increase
  4. ESR - various changes to the formula, and severity of ESRs, which can also now be triggered by a nine hole qualifying score.
  5. Supplementary Scores - now possible for category one golfers (above 2.4 only in Scotland), and can also include 9 hole scores for category two and above.  It is also possible to have a 9 hole score recorded at a club where you are a member, but do not hold a handicap (away players).  ESRs still do not apply in Scotland.
  6. Category one golfers will now have their handicap altered by a nine hole qualifying competition.
  7. CONGU Club handicaps now increase by 0.1 for each score outside buffer (previously they never increased as junior club handicaps).
  8. Ireland - Max handicap increase possible in a year changed from 2 shots to 1.  No restriction in other countries.
  9. Some changes to the annual review wording.
  10. 4BBB competitions now have a mandatory 90% handicap allowance.  This applies to two player competitions where one score set to count.
  11. Category one players are now included in the annual review.
  12. The formula for nine hole competitions "neutral" 18 holes is changed.
  13. The handicap year is now fixed with the calendar year.
  14. All countries now have the "c" identifier for Competition/Non-Competition Handicaps.  This was previously not active in Ireland.
  15. Initial Handicap Award.  Probably one of the biggest changes, this requires all scores for handicap to be entered into the system, where a recommended initial handicap will be calculated by a CONGU formula.  Scores can be over 18 holes, or pairs of 9 hole rounds from the same qualifying 9 hole course.  Scores entered will be shown in the handicap record.
  16. Reinstatement of a Competition handicap.  Any player with a Non-Competition handicap who has played in three qualifying competitions will be shown in a report where the handicap committee can then decide to reinstate status or potentially adjust handicap.  


Please familiarise yourself with changes by reading the manual and the country release notes online.

View 2016 CONGU Manual

View England Golf Summary of Changes 

Any queries regarding the system should be addressed directly to England Golf here or by email to, or Scotland by email  Customers in Ireland can use this form to contact the GUI.

The most likely source of issues once these changes go live will come from the CDHs.  In fact, there are three different companies who manage the CDH for England, Ireland & Scotland/Wales.  Many of the changes to the CONGU system have also required updates to the CDH, and we will work closely with them to resolve, but with such a major change, it is inevitable there will be some glitches found in each of the home union's implementation.

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