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Play Safe 'Playing Framework' Update

21 Jul '20

England Golf

In line with recent UK Government Guidelines changes, England Golf has today amended the Play Safe ‘Playing Framework’, which have just been uploaded to England Golf website -

The changes cover the need to wear face coverings in shops and locker rooms. These are both in light of changes to government guidance coming into place this weekend.

Following the request on the county calls last week, EG have marked changes in blue to help people to find the relevant section more easily.

Also to pre-empt questions: Who’s responsibility is it to wear a mask (Golfer, club etc)?

It is generally the responsibility of the individual to provide their own mask if they want to go into shops and the responsibility of the shop staff to remind anyone entering that they should have a mask on.

They could refuse entry to someone that has forgotten a mask, but could also find a way around it for a one-off – e.g. shop staff bringing goods and card machine to the shop door for them. They would just need to be careful not to make this the norm.

Shops could provide a number of masks to help those that forget, particularly early on, but this would be at their discretion. Again, they would probably not want to make this the normal position as nobody would ever bother to take them with them.

There is also the question about shop staff and their need to wear masks. Strangely, it seems that is not compulsory, unlike shoppers. However, it would probably be good practice and look good for staff to wear them too, where feasible.

Debbie Casling

Engalnd Golf Club Support Officer (Midlands West)

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