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Lockdown Lounge: Player Spotlight. Tom Workman

Name and home club

Tom Workman, Minchinhampton Golf Club

How did you get in to Golf and how long have you been playing?

I got into golf from my dad playing, I have played since I was about 10 years old.

What courses do you enjoy playing in Gloucestershire and why?

Minchinhampton because I work there and know what hard work goes into making it as good as it is. I also like playing at Stinchcombe because I have so many good memories playing up there from such a young age.

Describe your top three most memorable moments playing in a Gloucestershire county squad

1. It has to be a flop shot against Dorset at SWW. It was on the 18th and Nick hit me long off the green (poor shot ha) everyone was expecting me to play a chip and run but I had other ideas. I flopped it up as high as I could and went to 3ft.  

2. SWW again and coming 2nd in the points total at St Enodoc. I had been struggling in match play singles for a few years before that and really worked hard mentally on match play so was great to see it pay off for the week.  

3. Getting to EGU finals was special for me, I have been playing County golf for 10 years and haven't made it to the finals so that was great to see and to be part of.

What do you look forward to the most in a season?

SWW is just a great week and a great laugh with good friends.

How have you been keeping busy during 'Lockdown'?

Lockdown??? I must have been a keyworker as I was working all the time. I have an 18-month old daughter, so I don't have a problem with not keeping busy.

What are your golfing aspirations for the future?

Just to enjoy it the most I can and play as high standard as possible. Then when my daughter is old enough, she can take it up and win more tournaments then I did.

What one piece of advice can you offer golfers who have aspirations to play in a county team?

Make sure your practice is effective. I see so many people just hitting balls for the sake of it. Get professional advice and listen to them. Work hard or go home!!!

How has Gloucestershire Golf Union supported you to develop your game?

I can't fault Gloucestershire County for what they have provided financially for me to improve. Whatever you need they will try their hardest to give you the best chance to improve.

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