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Lockdown Lounge. Meet the Exec with Mark Powell, Junior Manager

Name and role within The Gloucestershire Golf Union

Mark Powell, Junior Manager

Tell us what your role is about and what it involves

I see as several things: - Making sure the interests of Juniors are correctly given airtime/support within the county (they are the future). - Managing a team of volunteers who help run junior affairs (Coaching (linked with Coaching Manager), and teams (linked with Captain). Ensuring structure is in place for how we identify, nurture, and promote junior golf (and golfers). - To inspire juniors and provide opportunities for them. - To ensure that there is a safe environment in place for the development of junior golf. - Represent Junior Golf (and golfers) within GGU, South West and England.

Why do you do this role in the GGU?

Incredibly rewarding to watch junior golfers progress and reach their dreams. I believe over the past few years then alongside people like Dave Hares I believe we have fundamentally moved opportunities forward, thereby adding value.

Describe your top three most memorable golf moments in Gloucestershire

Watching the team reach the Junior County Finals (6 times).

Watching Chris Wood win his first European Tour event, after watching him progress from a 12-year-old junior.

Watching the many juniors who have progressed within life (not just golf) - never grow tired of that.

What do you look forward to the most in a season?

Watching juniors perform and develop/progress.

How have you been keeping busy during 'Lockdown'?

Running Lockdown Lounge and keeping communication lines open, ensuring things are progressing - as well as rethinking why we are here...

What are your aspirations for the game of golf in Gloucestershire?

For us to be seen as a talent hotbed within England, providing the best opportunities in the game.

What one piece of advice can you offer to clubs affiliated to the GGU?

Ensure you have an appropriate structure in place to help nurture and develop junior golf - don't rest it on the shoulders of one individual. If I had a second piece of advice it would be asking for help from experience around the county.

What one piece of advice can you offer golfers wanting to explore their potential, no matter what their age?

Get involved, play as much as possible, and above all enjoy it.

Please provide the name of a book, a film or a video that you would recommend for inspiration for personal or professional development

Golfing development - Golf is not a game of perfect by Bob Rotella Personal development - The code of the extraordinary mind by Vishen Lakhiani I have lots of other recommendations as a personal interest area of mine.


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