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Mark Sanders Shot Maker Challenge

Mark Sanders - The Shot Maker Challenge

Mark Sanders played golf for Gloucestershire throughout the 1990s before winning the English Amateur Championship at Woodhall Spa in 1998.

After succesfully representing England on a number of occasions he turned professional in 2000, and after a number of years as a player he ultimately turned his hand to coaching.

Mark has been an incredibly enthusiastic and skillful member of our Coaching Team since 2012 offering great advice and encouragement to many players......and he's not frightened of challenging players in pursuit of improvement.

Control of flight and trajectory is a skill that all good players display, and Mark has developed a skills test to allow players to measure their current level of skill in this area, and track their progress over time.

Mark said, "The ability to shape shots from side to side, control their trajectory and play from a wide variety of lies in all conditions are some of the hallmarks of an accomplished golfer.....and once you are able to control your ball, you are ready to elevate your game to a new level of skill, subtlety, challenge and enjoyment.

High Fade
High Straight
High Draw
Standard Fade
Standard Straight
Standard Draw
Low Fade
Low Straight
Low Draw

The key is to be able to hit these shots on demand, for example when you need to get the ball into the fairway or near the pin at a tight spot in a match.

Test yourself with any club you like, but I would suggest 8 iron to Driver....the key benefit of this exercise is that you will quickly find out how good you are at controlling your golf ball, and you'll start to understand how PATH, FACE, DYNAMIC LOFT, SPEED and CONTACT affect the shot.

As well as giving you high quality feedback to direct your future practice sessions, this challenge will also test your resilience and ability to stick at a difficult task....invaluable skills for the top class player."

Give it a try and see how you get on....make practice fun !!

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