Gloucestershire Golf Union

100th County Amateur Championship - 72 Hole

Saturday 14th May 2016 - Sunday 15th May 2016
White Tees, Henbury GC

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 70R2 CSS 70R3 CSS 71R4 CSS 70TotalPar
1st Nick Day Henbury Golf Club 66686464262-14
2nd Jack Cope The Players Club Golf Club 67726668273-3
3rd Joe Long Lansdown Golf Club 68667273279+3
4th Mitch Waite Filton Golf Club 68736871280+4
5th James Rowles Henbury Golf Club 70697273284+8
6th Mark Pitcher Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club 75687270285+9
7th Dan Sheehan Knowle Golf Club 71707470285+9
8th Kenny Overthrow Painswick Golf Club 67747373287+11
9th Thomas Workman Minchinhampton Golf Club 71757172289+13
10th Charlie McLean Cotswold Hills Golf Club 72737173289+13
11th Andrew Hale Chipping Sodbury Golf Club 72687277289+13
12th Niall Powell Ross-on-Wye Golf Club 73777367290+14
13th Michael Day Henbury Golf Club 72747470290+14
14th James Mitten Lilley Brook Golf Club 76706975290+14
15th Joe Harvey Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 70737573291+15
16th Andy Rudge Bristol & Clifton Golf Club 73737672294+18
17th Haider Hussain Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 71708073294+18
18th Jake Phillips Cotswold Hills Golf Club 72757473294+18
19th Jordan Merry Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) 79687176294+18
20th Calum Mortimore Henbury Golf Club 73737772295+19
21st Noah Hessey Long Ashton Golf Club 73708072295+19
22nd Laurie Potter Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club 74757671296+20
23rd Christopher Evans Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 72727380297+21
24th David Wood Chipping Sodbury Golf Club 74737676299+23
25th James Dobbs Ross-on-Wye Golf Club 77677877299+23
26th Aled Edwards Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 75727776300+24
27th James Webber Bristol Golf Club (The) 73777382305+29
28th Nicholas Gore Thornbury Golf Centre 78708474306+30
29th Nick Ramshaw Thornbury Golf Centre 75757977306+30
30th Darren Robison Cirencester Golf Club 74757879306+30
31st Ashley Wilson Cotswold Hills Golf Club 77727979307+31
32nd Spencer Vickery Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 8170151+13
33rd Kyle Trewin Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 7972151+13
34th Kesley March Minchinhampton Golf Club 7576151+13
35th Josh Denley Filton Golf Club 7477151+13
36th Alex Ireland Brickhampton Court Golf Club 7874152+14
37th Jamie Andrew Broadway Golf Club 7775152+14
38th Joe Biscoe Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7775152+14
39th Ryan Burris Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) 7280152+14
40th Luke Gaskins Lilley Brook Golf Club 7181152+14
41st Samuel Taylor Henbury Golf Club 7677153+15
42nd Nigel Gravelle The Players Club Golf Club 7677153+15
43rd Adam Gaskins Lilley Brook Golf Club 7281153+15
44th Fergus Marchington Long Ashton Golf Club 8175156+18
45th Jonny Daniel Henbury Golf Club 8076156+18
46th Jonny Doidge Filton Golf Club 8076156+18
47th Lloyd Davis Brickhampton Court Golf Club 7978157+19
48th Mike Lee Minchinhampton Golf Club 7781158+20
49th Luis Arteaga Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7683159+21
50th Simon Lumber Long Ashton Golf Club 7883161+23
51st Jon Barton Thornbury Golf Centre 7685161+23
52nd Ross Macpherson Minchinhampton Golf Club 8380163+25
53rd Chalmers Phin Cirencester Golf Club 8381164+26
54th John Keenaghan Chipping Sodbury Golf Club 8084164+26
55th Andrew Harris Chipping Sodbury Golf Club 8184165+27
56th Ryan Prosser Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 7689165+27
57th Lee Ayres Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) 8386169+31
58th Daniel Gregory Cirencester Golf Club 8789176+38
59th Paul Burt Henbury Golf Club 83NR  
60th Jake Harvey Thornbury Golf Centre 747577DQ  

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