Gloucestershire Golf Union

106th County Amateur Championship

Saturday 14th May 2022 - Sunday 15th May 2022
White Tees, Lilley Brook Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

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Gross LeaderboardR1R2R3R4TotalPar
1st Nick Day Henbury Golf Club 68696969275-1
2nd Jake Phillips Cotswold Hills Golf Club 74657665280+4
3rd Louis Ross Long Ashton Golf Club 72697268281+5
4th Edward Butler Lansdown Golf Club 71667374284+8
5th Matthew Bell Lilley Brook Golf Club 71737369286+10
6th Nathan Moore Long Ashton Golf Club 73687571287+11
6th Ashley Millington The Players Club Golf Club 70677674287+11
6th Jonny Daniel Henbury Golf Club 66707675287+11
9th Mike Unwin Lilley Brook Golf Club 71727075288+12
10th Tom Workman Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club 73727570290+14
10th Edmund Fry Minchinhampton Golf Club 74717471290+14
12th Milan Reed Long Ashton Golf Club 69777174291+15
13th Philip Woolley Lilley Brook Golf Club 74727472292+16
14th Michael Day Henbury Golf Club 67757675293+17
15th Stuart Hardy Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) Golf Club 75717474294+18
16th Harry Griffiths Ross-on-Wye 72747773296+20
16th Calum Mortimore Henbury Golf Club 76707575296+20
18th James Buckley The Players Club Golf Club 73747575297+21
19th Alex Winn Bristol & Clifton Golf Club 78727376299+23
19th Alexander Jones Cotswold Hills Golf Club 78667778299+23
19th Kelly Brookes Lilley Brook Golf Club 75737279299+23
19th Joseph Biscoe Cotswold Hills Golf Club 76697579299+23
23rd Neil Tocknell Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club 72737877300+24
24th Lewis Stalley Brickhampton Court Golf Club 76718075302+26
24th Brandon Skidmore Cotswold Hills Golf Club 69728378302+26
24th Charlie Patterson Lansdown Golf Club 76707779302+26
27th Cameron Haines Ross-on-Wye 77737776303+27
28th Joss Edwards Cotswold Hills Golf Club 73777283305+29
29th Joshua Millington The Players Club Golf Club 75738276306+30
30th Jamie Andrew Broadway Golf Club 77737682308+32
31st Chris Baker The Berkshire 7972151+13
31st Tom Morris Lansdown Golf Club 7576151+13
33rd David Allison Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7478152+14
34th Nick Malvern Lilley Brook Golf Club 8073153+15
34th Ethan Holway The Kendleshire Golf Club 7677153+15
36th Ashley Wilson Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7876154+16
37th Toby Janes The Kendleshire Golf Club 8174155+17
37th Charlie McLean Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7976155+17
37th Chris Shanks The Players Club Golf Club 7778155+17
37th Charlie Taylor-Madge Lansdown Golf Club 7679155+17
41st Harry Cleevely Lilley Brook Golf Club 8274156+18
41st Kobe Wesson The Players Club Golf Club 7977156+18
41st Nicholas Peare Cirencester Golf Club 7878156+18
41st Enzo Cryer Bristol & Clifton Golf Club 7680156+18
45th james rowles Henbury Golf Club 8374157+19
46th Toby Harris Cirencester Golf Club 8078158+20
46th Ross Porter Long Ashton Golf Club 7682158+20
46th Ross Webb Ross-on-Wye 7385158+20
49th Timothy Michael Clink Lilley Brook Golf Club 8079159+21
49th JAMES BATH Lydney 7980159+21
49th Michael Lindsay Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7683159+21
52nd Robert Webb Broadway Golf Club 8476160+22
52nd Joel Tarry TP Golf Club 7981160+22
52nd Ellis Matthews Brickhampton Court Golf Club 7783160+22
55th Charlie Mckinnes Minchinhampton Golf Club 8381164+26
56th Ryan Prosser The Kendleshire Golf Club 8680166+28
57th James Bird Henbury Golf Club 81NR  
58th George Peare Cirencester Golf Club 80NR  
59th Kieran Sutton Broadway Golf Club 70NR  
60th JOHN GRIGGS Alexander Park Resort Golf Club 80DQ  

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