Gloucestershire Golf Union

County U18s Boys Championship (36 Holes)

Sunday 31st May 2015, White Tees, Minchinhampton (Cherington) GC

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 70TotalPar
1st Harrison Ottley-Woodd Cotswold Hills Golf Club (0)7070140-2
2nd Kieron Baker Chipping Sodbury Golf Club (5)7370143+1
3rd Nathan Moore Long Ashton Golf Club (4)7375148+6
4th Joshua Phillips The Players Club (3)7574149+7
5th Joe Harvey The Kendleshire Golf Club (0)7674150+8
6th Kieran Sutton Broadway Golf Club (1)7575150+8
7th Ryan Burris Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) (5)7972151+9
8th Jamie Andrew Broadway Golf Club (3)7576151+9
9th Andy Whitford Lilley Brook Golf Club (4)7577152+10
10th Niall Powell Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (5)7577152+10
11th Joe Long Lansdown Golf Club (2)7379152+10
12th Ronnie Mitchell Wentworth Golf Club (5)7875153+11
13th Nick Ramshaw Thornbury Golf Centre (2)7875153+11
14th Charlie Taylor-Madge Lansdown Golf Club (7)7877155+13
15th Alex Ault The Kendleshire Golf Club (5)7779156+14
16th Dan Maller Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) (7)7779156+14
17th Chalmers Phin Cirencester Golf Club (6)7979158+16
18th Max Holford Cotswold Hills Golf Club (9)7980159+17
19th Lloyd Davis Brickhampton Court Golf Club (5)8081161+19
20th Ryan Prosser The Kendleshire Golf Club (7)7883161+19
21st David Miles Knowle Golf Club (7)8280162+20
22nd Adam Gunn Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (8)8181162+20
23rd Brad Knapper Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) (6)7884162+20
24th Marcus Rodriguez Lilley Brook Golf Club (12)8479163+21
25th James Robinson Bristol & Clifton Golf Club (5)8281163+21
26th Ethan Steele Minchinhampton Golf Club (8)8381164+22
27th Sebastian Pender Minchinhampton Golf Club (10)8778165+23
28th Hayden Burford Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) Golf Club (7)8582167+25
29th Tom Smith Lansdown Golf Club (9)8483167+25
30th Max Garland Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (9)8682168+26
31st Joe Cowley Minchinhampton Golf Club (6)8583168+26
32nd Matt Green Cotswold Hills Golf Club (6)8187168+26
33rd Callum Ainger Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (9)8782169+27
34th Max Hitchings Knowle Golf Club (7)8485169+27
35th Tom Matthews The Kendleshire Golf Club (14)8488172+30
36th Isaac Feltham Long Ashton Golf Club (18)8888176+34
37th Tom Melling Chipping Sodbury Golf Club (13)9285177+35
38th Gregor Bates Kendleshire Golf Club (The) (17)9186177+35
39th Kobe Wesson The Players Club Golf Club (16)9286178+36
40th Louis D'Ambrosio Cotswold Hills Golf Club (17)8791178+36
41st Lewis Flett Cirencester Golf Club (10)9287179+37
42nd Adam Blue Chipping Sodbury Golf Club (7)9287179+37
43rd Benjamin Beacham Broadway Golf Club (5)9188179+37
44th Jake Harris Knowle Golf Club (18)8990179+37
45th Harry Cowley Minchinhampton Golf Club (17)8892180+38
46th Josh Greasley Cotswold Hills Golf Club (13)8696182+40
47th Alistair Curnock Minchinhampton Golf Club (23)9690186+44
48th Joss Edwards Cotswold Hills Golf Club (5)80NR  
49th Zac Castledine Lilley Brook Golf Club (15)DQWD  

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