Gloucestershire Golf Union

104th County Amateur Championship (72 Holes)

Saturday 29th August 2020 - Sunday 30th August 2020
White Tees, Knowle GC

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 70R3 CSS 70R4 CSS 71TotalPar
1st Jack Cope The Players Club 65666670267-13
2nd Jake Phillips Cotswold Hills Golf Club 69696770275-5
3rd Nick Day Henbury Golf Club 74677368282+2
4th Harrison Ottley-Woodd Cotswold Hills Golf Club 70667868282+2
5th Thomas Workman Minchinhampton Golf Club 69667374282+2
6th Edward Butler Lansdown Golf Club 72677471284+4
7th Will Mullins Jnr Knowle Golf Club 75667371285+5
8th Andy Rudge Bristol & Clifton Golf Club 72737170286+6
9th Samuel Taylor Henbury Golf Club 72697075286+6
10th James Bird Henbury Golf Club 74716874287+7
11th Joshua Millington The Players Club 73706876287+7
12th Matthew Bell Lilley Brook Golf Club 74707273289+9
13th Milan Reed Long Ashton Golf Club 74727073289+9
14th Michael Day Henbury Golf Club 72757173291+11
15th Ashley Wilson Cotswold Hills Golf Club 77717073291+11
16th Harry Griffiths Ross-on-Wye Golf Club 73677775292+12
17th Dave Lake Knowle Golf Club 71687776292+12
18th Charlie McLean Cotswold Hills Golf Club 70707676292+12
19th Leigh Mordy Knowle Golf Club 74747372293+13
20th Niall Powell Ross-on-Wye Golf Club 74727374293+13
21st Nigel Thompson Lilley Brook Golf Club 71757573294+14
22nd James Bath Lydney Golf Club 74727276294+14
23rd Nick Davies Filton Golf Club 74717577297+17
24th David Miles Knowle Golf Club 73767972300+20
25th Joss Edwards Cotswold Hills Golf Club 75737478300+20
26th Charlie Patterson Lansdown Golf Club 72717879300+20
27th Tim Clink Lilley Brook Golf Club 76727677301+21
28th Daniel Gregory Cirencester Golf Club 75748172302+22
29th Josh Denley Filton Golf Club 76697582302+22
30th Andy Whitford Lilley Brook Golf Club 7575150+10
31st Ian Brice Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 7575150+10
32nd Kieran Sutton Broadway Golf Club 7575150+10
33rd Simon Lumber Long Ashton Golf Club 8170151+11
34th Ceri Fearnley Filton Golf Club 7972151+11
35th Calum Mortimore Henbury Golf Club 7873151+11
36th Kieran Babbage The Players Club 7675151+11
37th Lee Hanson Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) 8072152+12
38th Brad Selwood Knowle Golf Club 7973152+12
39th Tom Matthews Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 7973152+12
40th Oli Jenkins The Players Club 7874152+12
41st Neil Tocknell Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club 7874152+12
42nd Ashley Millington The Players Club 7775152+12
43rd Ronan Bermingham-McDonogh Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 7875153+13
44th Neil Edwards Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club 7677153+13
45th Darren Robison Cirencester Golf Club 7578153+13
46th Kobe Wesson The Players Club 7578153+13
47th Charlie Taylor-Madge Lansdown Golf Club 7479153+13
48th Louis Ross Long Ashton Golf Club 7877155+15
49th Stuart Hardy Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) 7481155+15
50th Jonny Daniel Henbury Golf Club 7977156+16
51st Lance Hanna Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club 8572157+17
52nd James Buckley The Players Club 7384157+17
53rd Nick Glasspool Knowle Golf Club 8177158+18
54th Lee Bruton Farrington Golf Club 7980159+19
55th Jake Hinkley The Players Club 8080160+20
56th James Cantwell Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club 8081161+21
57th Nathan Franklin - Stokes Lilley Brook Golf Club 8478162+22
58th Roger Hogg Thornbury Golf Centre 8578163+23
59th George Peare Cirencester Golf Club 9376169+29
60th Toby Janes Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 726780WD  

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