Gloucestershire Golf Union

101st County Championship (72 Holes)

Saturday 20th May 2017 - Sunday 21st May 2017
Blue Tees, Cotswold Hills GC

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 73R2 CSS 73R3 CSS 72R4 CSS 73TotalPar
1st Jack Cope The Players Club 66696871274-14
2nd Nick Day Henbury Golf Club 70726969280-8
3rd Jake Phillips Cotswold Hills Golf Club 71697073283-5
4th Alex Ireland Brickhampton Court Golf Club 68737272285-3
5th Laurie Potter Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club 70727274288LEVEL
6th Thomas Workman Minchinhampton Golf Club 70757373291+3
7th Dan Sheehan Knowle Golf Club 74757073292+4
8th Andrew Hale Chipping Sodbury Golf Club 72727375292+4
9th Calum Mortimore Henbury Golf Club 72757671294+6
10th Nigel Thompson Lilley Brook Golf Club 77737571296+8
11th Joe Biscoe Cotswold Hills Golf Club 82737270297+9
12th Kieran Babbage The Players Club 73728072297+9
13th Josh Denley Filton Golf Club 72767675299+11
14th James Mitchell Bristol & Clifton Golf Club 77737576301+13
15th David Allison Cotswold Hills Golf Club 76777277302+14
16th Harrison Ottley-Woodd Cotswold Hills Golf Club 74807177302+14
17th Will Mullins Jnr Knowle Golf Club 76737479302+14
18th Dan Page Long Ashton Golf Club 75757976305+17
19th Joe Harvey Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 73738277305+17
20th Kyle Trewin Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 79777575306+18
21st Ashley Wilson Cotswold Hills Golf Club 79767477306+18
22nd Joss Edwards Cotswold Hills Golf Club 76787479307+19
23rd Paul Jenkins Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 76778174308+20
24th Paul Garland Lansdown Golf Club 78777876309+21
25th Kesley March Minchinhampton Golf Club 80777876311+23
26th Michael Lindsay Cotswold Hills Golf Club 77787879312+24
27th Aled Edwards Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 76818175313+25
28th Charles Hastings Cotswold Hills Golf Club 77787881314+26
29th Jake Harvey Thornbury Golf Centre 76797584314+26
30th Richard Pettit Cotswold Hills Golf Club 78797979315+27
31st Tim Clink Lilley Brook Golf Club 79787683316+28
32nd Luis Arteaga Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7880158+14
33rd Owen Smith Cotswold Hills Golf Club 8277159+15
34th Nathan Moore Long Ashton Golf Club 8178159+15
35th Oliver Field Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7980159+15
36th Jonny Daniel Henbury Golf Club 7881159+15
37th Adam Blue Chipping Sodbury Golf Club 7782159+15
38th Nathan Watts Lilley Brook Golf Club 8377160+16
39th Matthew Webb Long Ashton Golf Club 8080160+16
40th John Oliver Bristol & Clifton Golf Club 8080160+16
41st Levi Bright The Players Club 7783160+16
42nd Lawrence Hage Cotswold Hills Golf Club 7684160+16
43rd Alex Ward Lansdown Golf Club 8081161+17
44th Nigel Gravelle The Players Club 8081161+17
45th Michael Day Henbury Golf Club 8081161+17
46th Stewart Logan Cotswold Hills Golf Club 8081161+17
47th Lewis McGinty Knowle Golf Club 7983162+18
48th Stuart Hardy Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) 8479163+19
49th Lloyd Davis Brickhampton Court Golf Club 8480164+20
50th Tom Skinner Woburn Golf Club 8383166+22
51st Joe Lyons Cotswold Hills Golf Club 8284166+22
52nd Ryan Prosser Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 8583168+24
53rd Ian Brice Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 8484168+24
54th Neil Edwards Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club 8387170+26
55th Matthew Ginley Sherdons Golf Centre 8389172+28
56th Paul Taylor Cotswold Hills Golf Club 9083173+29
57th Samuel Taylor Henbury Golf Club 79NR  
58th Simon Lumber Long Ashton Golf Club WD  
59th Spencer Vickery Kendleshire Golf Club (The) 7977WDWD  

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