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Q and A with Andy rudge

County Vice Captain, Andy Rudge of Bristol and Clifton, played his first County 1st Team match in 1999.

Since then he has made well over 200 appearances, as well as fitting in a three year "break" as a pro from 2005-2007.

TPS: Andy, which club are you a member of, and what is the best thing about being a member there ?

Bristol and Clifton. Its very quiet generally and you can wander round playing a few balls with no one bothering you.

TPS: At what age did you start playing golf, and how long did it take you to get into the County 1st Team ?

I played for the under 16's when I was 14, I then played 2nd team as a junior, and made it in to the 1st when I was 17. My first South West Week was Royal North Devon in 2000 aged 18.

TPS: What is the best course you've ever played, and why ?

Congressional where they've played the  US Open. Brilliant course, great finishing holes and Mike Tyson's house on the 5th fairway where you could see his white tigers running around.

TPS: What is your best golfing achievement, and why ?

I think playing off plus 2 or better for 10 years as it show’s a steady level of golf over a good period of time.

PS: What do you enjoy most about playing golf for Gloucestershire ?

Golf is generally an individual game so getting in a team environment is great, winning means that little more when you got other guys wanting you to do it also.

TPS: What is the most memorable County Team match that you've ever taken part in ?

South West Week at Bristol and Clifton against Dorset in the foursomes - James Webber and I were 7 under through 11 holes and the guy I am driving with says seriously to me "you hole one more putt and I'll wrap the putter round your head"

TPS: What is your lowest 18 hole score in a competitive round, and where was it ?

51 at Ashton Court!!! I also shot 61 at B & C in an invitation day, and have shot 63 in a medal at B&C on 4 occasions.

TPS: ...and what about somebody who wants to earn a living from playing golf ?

Having watched Woody (Chris) grow up, he found a coach that he trusted and believed in early, and then dedicated himself to improving and practice. I think you need to play for England and experience playing golf all over the world against the best amateurs in the world. If you can’t beat them, then you won’t beat the best pro’s in the world who are even better.

TPS: ... and finally, what are your hopes for 2013 from both an individual and team perspective ?

Individually I want to keep improving, most importantly I want to improve my stroke average for all rounds I play, but I have to improve a fair few areas of my game to do this. Luckily I have Gloucestershire’s stat system at my disposal which highlights to me the area’s I need to work on which is a big bonus. As a team, I want to play more EGU finals, that is the pinnacle of county golf and where you can test yourself against the best. If we can qualify for that and win the matchplay at South West Week, that will be a good year.

TPS: What is the funniest thing you've ever seen on a golf course ?

Playing with Gloucestershire legend Doug Young at Broadstone - he was so nervous over a chip, the club was out of the bag, shot duffed about 8 feet and back in the bag in about 4 seconds - it was like someone had fast forward x32 on.

TPS: What advice would you give to a young player who's got aspirations to play 1st Team golf for Gloucestershire ?

Find a good coach and work hard at your game, then enter all the Duchess Salver events and try to improve event by event, and year by year until you’re the best in Gloucestershire, then take that to the national stage.

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