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Lockdown Lounge: Player Spotlight. Nick Day

Name and home club

Nick Day Henbury

How did you get into Golf and how long have you been playing?

My dad started me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My first membership was at Shirehampton on my 11th birthday. So playing now for some 30 years!

What courses do you enjoy playing in Gloucestershire and why?

Most of them. Most are quite similar as we aren't blessed with links, but I enjoy most, with favourites ( apart from Henbury ), being B&C, Knowle, Kendleshire and Ross on Wye.

Describe your top three most memorable moments playing in a Gloucestershire county squad

Twice winning at South West Week to qualify for the EGU Finals. Lastly would be every South West Week I've played in.

What do you look forward to the most in a season?

Playing! I don't play through the winter so really look forward to April to October golf and competition!

How have you been keeping busy during 'Lockdown'?

Children!! But I've not been ‘lucky’ if you can call it that to have stopped working. I've not stopped working at all in fact. Outside of work I've hit the roads a bit to build up my fitness too.

What are your golfing aspirations for the future?

Only really to continue with what scheduling I currently do now. I may try Open qualifying again in the future.

What one piece of advice can you offer golfers who have aspirations to play in a county team?

Play!! Play in whatever you can. Play the Duchess Salvers to get noticed. It's how I started county golf and my county career has been brilliant.

How has the Gloucestershire Golf Union supported you to develop your game?

Through coaching expenses, statistics to aid development, and just the overall support to enable us to compete for both at Regional and National level has helped me improve so much.

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